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By Andy Thompson, The Evening Tribune, link to original post

What goes down must again come back up. That, in a nutshell, is much of what you must know in order to hike the 22-plus trails of Letchworth State Park.

An attraction that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, the Grand Canyon of the East offers scores of scenic vistas as the Genesee River cuts through the 17-mile long park. At its greatest height, the rock walls soar more than 600 feet above the river below, making for a nature lover’s dream.

Several trails hold to the edge of the gorge on the east and west sides, but many more cut into the hills on the west side, while the remainder offer ways to get to the flats on the east.

History is not far away, either. Founded a little more than a century ago by philanthropist William Pryor Letchworth — whose home, Glen Iris, remains open to visitors — the park today features remnants of the many farms once there. Also prominent on the east side are preserved segments of the Genesee Valley Canal, which once connected Rochester and Olean. Trail 7 especially offers a close view of the canal, and of the proximity of the passageway that so terrified horses pulling packet boats that their drivers were forced to put blinders on them.

The Pennsylvania Railroad took over much of the canal’s route, and ghosts of that branch remain as well.

For the novice hiker, Letchworth offers an excellent way to get acclimated to the pursuit. The west side is the part known to most visitors, with amenities such as restrooms, snack bars and well-worn paths that make most hikes family friendly. Trail 2, for example, begins behind the Council House grounds (where rest the remains of Mary Jemison, White Woman of the Genesee) and wanders through mighty groves of pine trees where farmers once worked the land. Look carefully, and you can still see evidence of homes and barns where apple trees now grow.

Trail 1, the Gorge Trail, is the park’s longest, at 7 miles, and begins at the famed Portage High Bridge where Norfolk Southern trains still run. The walk goes up and down hills, past Inspiration Point and then Wolf’s Creek to end at St. Helena, one of two ‘ghost’ villages in the park. That community, and one nearby named Gibsonville, were dissolved as the park expanded with the construction of Mt. Morris Dam.

The Highbanks area, across from the dam on the west side, is an excellent starting point for a southward trek. The trail is nearly 5 miles in length, and takes walkers through forests with views now and then of Gardeau Flats, a vast area once farmed by Jemison and her family.

200 Waterfalls in Central & Western NY

The east side of the park is where the hikes demand a little more effort. Trails, not always well marked, take you down steep hills through old growth forests. While none are very long, it is something to consider for those not in good physical shape. The Smokey Hollow and Bear Hollow trails (15 and 16) are only two miles each, but can give a good workout once you hit bottom and need to trek back up. The Big Bend Trail (10) is really a walk on a country road, but has the surprise of taking you to observation points high above the river that most park visitors do not realize exist.

When you reach them, wave to the tourists on the other side and enjoy the feeling of discovery.

Letchworth has 23 waterfalls. Go on a quest to find them all using the guidebook “200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York – A Finders’ Guide.”

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Click here to see some beautiful photos of waterfalls in Letchworth State Park in the rain. If you go, be sure to 200waterfallsSmalltake along a copy of “200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York – A Finders’ Guide” so you can locate all 23 waterfalls in Letchworth State Park.

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Click here to take a pictorial walk through Letchworth State Park with Nature Woman.

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tyb-fl-cover1“Take Your Bike – Family Rides in the Finger Lakes & Genesee Valley Region” is now on sale for only $12.00 on-line only at www.footprintpress.com.

Use it to enjoy biking on rail-trails, former canal towpaths, dirt biking trails and former roads – all safe places to take your family for a bike ride. It’s also useful as a source of trails for running.

Trails included are:

Rides in Orleans, Genesee, & Wyoming Counties
1. Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area
2. Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area
3. Genesee County Park – Outer Loop
4. Genesee County Park & Forest – Inner Loop
5. Groveland Secondary
6. Silver Lake Outlet
7. Letchworth State Park – Trout Pond Loop
Rides in Livingston & Monroe Counties
8. Letchworth State Park – Big Bend Loop
9. Genesee Valley Greenway – Portageville to Nunda
10. Genesee Valley Greenway – Cuylerville to Avon
11. Rattlesnake Hill – Bike Loop
12. Rattlesnake Hill – Linear Bike Trail
13. Genesee Valley Greenway – Scottsville
14. Mendon – Lehigh Valley Trail
Rides in Ontario County
15. Victor – Lehigh Valley Trail
16. Auburn Trail
17. Ontario Pathways Trail
18. Canadice Lake Trail
19. Harriet Hollister Spencer Memorial State Recreation Area – Sidewinder Trail
20. Lakeshore Park/Seneca Lake State Park
Rides in Yates, Wayne, & Seneca Counties
21. Middlesex Valley Rail Trail
22. Keuka Lake Outlet Trail
23. Canal Park Trailway
24. Sampson State Park – Lake Trail
Rides in Schuyler & Tompkins Counties
25. Finger Lakes National Forest
26. Sugar Hill State Reforestation Area
27. Queen Catharine Marsh
28. Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area
29. South Hill Recreation Way
30. East Ithaca Recreation Way
31. Dryden Lake Park Trail
Rides in Cayuga & Onondaga Counties
32. Bear Swamp State Forest – Short Loop
33. Bear Swamp State Forest – Long Loop
34. Auburn-Flemming Trail
35. Casey Park
36. Howland Island
37. Cayuga County Erie Canal Trail (Port Byron to Jordan)
38. Erie Canalway Trail (Jordan-Camillus)
39. Erie Canal Park
40. Charlie Major Nature Trail

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Check out the photography, books and blog as David Lawrence Reade explores Western NY.

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Here’s an article on outdoors fun in Letchworth State Park.

If you’re heading there, take 200 Waterfalls in Central & Western NY” if you want to go
on a quest to find all 23 waterfalls.
Take “Take Your Bike – Family Rides in the Finger Lakes & Genesee Valley Region” if you want to bike some trails.

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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s certainly true of Scott Thomas’ photos of Letchworth State Park. Be sure to click to gallery 2 when you visit.

These photos make me want to grab my copy of “200 Waterfalls” and go explore Letchworth again. There are 23 waterfalls to enjoy in Letchworth State Park!

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Here are some photos and information about the Stone Bridge Over the Genesee River in Letchworth State Park:http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM2YZX

A fun thing to do in Letchworth, besides visiting this bridge is to go on a quest to find all 28 waterfalls. Let 200 Waterfalls in Central and Western New York be your guide.

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