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The NY/NJ Trail Conference recently built a new bridge at the Platte Clove Preserve in the Catskills for the Long Path. Click here to read more.

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The NY/NJ Trail Conference has recently published FREE brochures and maps for all five of the Fire Towers located in the Catskill Park. Click here for info & download links.

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CatskillLeanToOutdoor equipment retailer REI has announced a $10,000 grant to the Catskills Lean-to Repair, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Program operated by the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

This grant will allow the Trail Conference to expand its program of improving, repairing, and rebuilding 29 lean-tos and their privies along the 200 miles of Trail Conference-maintained trails in the Catskill Park. The Trail Conference currently maintains 29 of the 32 lean-tos in the Catskill Park. Solidly built lean-tos and privies provide backpackers and day hikers with safe on-trail shelter while minimizing distress to the surrounding environment by focusing locations for overnight stays.

The priority projects in the next year are the German Hollow Lean-to, the Devil’s Acre Lean-to, and a new lean-to to be built between Mount Temper and Plateau Mountain. A number of privies will also be completed as part of this program.  The Trail Conference works with the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation to prioritize all lean-to and privy projects.

The Trail Conference Catskills Lean-to Repair, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program has been a key initiative of the Trail Conference since 2011. The program began in 1999 with the repair of several lean-tos and the reconstructions and replacement of the John Robb Lean-to on Hunter Mountain. We have completed rehabilitation projects at the Mink Hollow Lean-to, the Echo Lake Lean-to, and the Diamond Notch Lean-to.

Last year at the Mink Hollow Lean-to, the Trail Conference, the Catskill 3500 Club, supporters of the Chris Nowack Memorial Fund, and the local Forest Ranger, Christine Nelson, hiked up more than 700 pounds of cedar shingles, lumber, and other materials to the then put on the new shingles, put down the new floor boards, re-stained the sides of the lean-to, and stained the new lean-to floor.

Lean-to projects draw large numbers of volunteers, as the work is a unique trail volunteer experience. In 2012, volunteers visited lean-tos for work more than 200 times and spent approximately 1,000 hours working on the general maintenance of lean-tos in the Catskill Park.

To learn more about the Trail Conference lean-to program in the Catskills, please visit: nynjtc.org/catskill-leantos.

The Trail Conference is a nonprofit organization that has been at the forefront of conservation efforts for the past 92 years with a mission to make nature more accessible to the public.  More than 1,500 Trail Conference volunteers donate 70,000 hours of work each year, building and maintaining 2,000 miles of trails across the region

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Click here to find out you can help build over nine miles of the Long Path in the Catskills on Romer Mountain this summer.

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For a strenuous 5.6-mile loop hike, try the Shaupeneak Ridge Cooperative Recreation Area in the Shawangunk Mountains in Ulster County NY. Click here for details.

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by Troy Dreier/For the Jersey Journal, link to original post

Now that the weather is getting a little nicer, how about getting out in the sunshine and stretching your muscles? Maybe a weekend hike?

According to one excellent mapping app for the iPhone and iPad, plenty of people in the New Jersey and New York area are already doing that.

Mapping and cartography company Avenza has created a useful mapping app called Avenza PDF Maps. It’s available for free in the iTunes Store. While it provides maps for the whole world, maps it offers for the New Jersey/New York area have proven highly popular.

The app offers its own map store where users can look for maps for their area (or for any area) then download free or paid maps. About a year ago, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference uploaded several hiking maps, including maps for Bear Mountain, North Jersey, and East Hudson. They range in price from $3.99 to $5.99, and have proven to be a hit with Avenza app users.

I spoke with people from Avenza, who told me that nine of the 20 most popular paid maps that it offers are for our area. I’m guessing that’s because, while there are plenty of hiking trails around here, it’s not always obvious where they are. Before getting away from the city, people need a little help. With this app and the right maps, anyone can enjoy a day of hiking.

There’s a lot to like about the Avenza app. For one, it offers more than just hiking maps. I found apps for Hudson Country light rail, Central Park running paths, and Manhattan mass transit. Many useful maps are free, such as a geological survey of Jersey City.

Also, helpful features in the app let you find your location, or create markers for places you’ve visited or want to visit. Whether you want to explore this area or a vacation destination, Avenza PDF Maps is a good companion to bring.

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New Popolopen Trail Bridge Reconnects Bear Mountain Trails

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