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Have you ever met Rick French? He’s the owner of Pack, Paddle Ski, Inc. the best adventure travel company there is. Rick is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. He runs fabulous trips – the kind that get you off the tourist track to experience the “real” place you are visiting. He has a heart of gold and has been the inspiration behind programs to outfit porters on Mt. Kilimanjaro with better clothes, arrange volunteer vacations at an African orphanage, and build a school for children in the remote Tanzanian mountains. I love going on trips with him – each is an adventure in the best sense of the word.

Rick is also certifiably mad. To prove my point, click here to watch this short VIDEO. Rick and Bob (the old men) kayak down McMillan Creek (a stream that rarely flows) in Conesus, NY during spring floods. Marc filmed the adventure and acted as their safety man. Typical Rick – wild adventure but making sure everyone stays safe!

If you haven’t met Rick, sign up for a Pack, Paddle, Ski trip today and find out what you’ve missed all these years.

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