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Woolrich, the Original Outdoor Clothing Company®, is working with the Great Eastern Trail Association (GET), its trail affiliates, and industry partners to maintain and complete the braided walking trail that connects some of the most challenging and beautiful hiking trails stretching from Alabama to New York.

The 1,800 mile long GET is currently about seventy-five percent complete.  The trail has several gaps where new trails need to be blazed to link the existing trails.  Woolrich maintains a portion of the GET that runs through the middle of its hometown via the Mid State Trail.

“As hikers, too often we take for granted the trails we travel and don’t think about what it takes to maintain or build them,” said Brent Hollowell, Woolrich VP of Marketing.  “Trails don’t blaze themselves, and we hope that we can help local clubs mobilize volunteers and make the Great Eastern Trail a reality.”

Late last fall Woolrich brought together leadership from the Great Eastern Trail Association, the Keystone Trail Association (KTA), Backpacker Magazine, and other GET associated clubs for a summit in Woolrich, PA.  The attendees devised a strategic plan to help with trail maintenance and promote awareness of the trail.

“Woolrich has stepped up as a leader in helping us realize the completion of the trail,” said Tom Johnson, President of Great Eastern Trail Association.  “We appreciate the additional visibility their efforts have brought to the GET and we are sure the positive attention will lead to more volunteers assisting with the actual maintenance work and development of the trail system.”

Along with providing volunteer gift bags, including a trail work t-shirt, Woolrich hiking socks, and more, Woolrich is supporting its local trail organization, the Keystone Trail Association as the official sponsor of its Trail Care Days.

To further increase awareness of the trail Woolrich is collaborating with its long time partner Backpacker Magazine.  Woolrich has developed a series of advertorials focusing on the GET that began appearing in the publication in February.

Backpacker is integrating content related to the Great Eastern Trail into the presentations of its popular national mobile tour, the Get Out More Tour, which stops at retail stores, events and festivals to educate consumers about the skills and equipment needed to enjoy the outdoors while inspiring healthy, active lifestyles.

The Great Eastern Trail was inspired by Benton MacKaye’s original vision for the Appalachian Trail as a network of braided trails running the length of the Appalachian Mountains.  In 2000, Lloyd MacAskill of Potomac Appalachian Trail Club published an article in the Appalachian Trailway News calling attention to the existing trails to the west of the AT and saying, “Don’t look now, but parts are already in place.”

To learn more about the trail, participating trail clubs, donate or volunteer for a trail maintenance day visit www.greateasterntrail.net.

About Woolrich
Woolrich Inc., the Original Outdoor Clothing Company, is an authentic American brand that embraces an outdoor lifestyle. Trusted since 1830 by generations of loyal customers, Woolrich continues its tradition of providing quality products for today’s outdoor enthusiast. A brand recognized worldwide, Woolrich product offerings include functional, comfortable and durable men’s and women’s sportswear and outerwear using innovative fabrications for the ultimate in performance capabilities, well-designed home and outdoor living products, and licensed accessory products. In 2010, Woolrich celebrated its 180th Anniversary. It is the original and longest continuously-operating outdoor apparel manufacturer and woolen mill in the United States. Find out more at www.woolrich.com.

About Great Eastern Trail
The Great Eastern Trail (GET) provides a premier hiking experience on a series of existing trails that are being linked to each other into a long-distance footpath in the Appalachian Mountains stretching from Alabama to the Finger Lakes Trail in New York.  The trail system is a project of the Great Eastern Trail Association, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which works with the American Hiking Society, sponsors and local trail partners, to create America’s newest long distance trail for hikers.  Learn more or donate to the Great Eastern Trail Association at www.greateasterntrail.net.

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No, I’m not a furry ground-dwelling rodent. I’m the happy owner of a Marmot PreCip rain jacket.

This was not always so. I subscribe to Backpacker Magazine and I often read and follow their gear reviews when setting out to purchase outdoors gear. Backpacker Magazine is what led me to become an owner of the Marmot CreCip jacket. With my new jacket, I was a happy camper. It was truly lightweight, and comfortable to wear both a windy days and in torrential downpours. But then, trouble set in. Before a year was out, the waterproof layers wore into cracks and sections peeled away. My beloved jacket began to leak like a sieve and my love affair ended.

Recently Backpacker Magazine ran another review of the latest in rain jackets. They rated them on many attributes, but durability wasn’t one of them. I wrote to Backpacker and explained that I felt my jacket had failed due to repeatedly being stuffed into and pulled out from a backpack, and that I’d like to see this sort of durability added to future gear reviews.

To my surprise, gear editor Kristin Hostetter emailed me the next day. At first she suggested my jacket simply needed

Defective Marmot PreCip Jacket

to be retreated with waterproofing. But, I replied that I knew about waterproofing and sent her a photo of the jacket. The photo convinced her that what I experienced was a product failure or defect and she referred me to the Marmot rep for warranty service. I followed the Marmot rep’s instructions by using their web site to get a RO# and then mailed my jacket in.

A Marmot representative called me and very nicely explained the proper care of a Marmot PreCip jacket. I hadn’t realized that I was supposed to wash it in the washing machine with powdered detergent and dry it in the dryer on low. (Click here for a video on proper laundering of raingear.)

Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket

Then he promptly sent me a brand new Marmot PreCip jacket. That made me a very happy Marmot indeed. Any company can periodically have a bad product. The good companies stand behind their products and make things right when a problem occurs. Marmot is a good company and deserves your business. Besides, the PreCip is a wonderful rain jacket for hikers.

Kristin Hostetter was interested in my defective jacket photo because she’s currently finalizing a book that will be called “The Complete Guide to Outdoor Gear Maintenance and Repair,” published by Falcon Press. It’s due out around March of 2012. She’ll be using my photo as an example of when to call the manufacturer. I for one will be in line to buy a copy. Even after all my hiking experience, it appears I still have a lot to learn about gear maintenance.

by Sue Freeman

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The September 2009 issue of Backpacker Magazine entices you to “Escape New York City:”
Who would think to look for a quiet campsite in the shadow of skyscrapers? Apparently no one, which makes the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness a treasure. According to ranger Joe Flynn, you’re guaranteed to find solitude hiking and camping. Hop a train from Jamaica Station to Patchogue and take the Watch Hill Ferry (May to October, 631-475-1665) to the visitor center. From there, hike east into the seven-mile-long wilderness, following the south shore’s open beach. Look for carnivorous sundew plants, seals, and in fall, migrating monarch butterflies. Cap on the beach (keeping close to the dunes) or inland among sparce pines that offer protection from sea breezes. Info: http://www.nps.gov/fiis

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