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The Board of Directors for ARISE announced Friday that they plan on re-opening Big Tupper Ski Area for the 2013-2014 ski season. ARISE and Big Tupper Management recently met to discuss the overall operation, and to review the financial challenges they are faced with. ARISE Chairman Jim LaValley said that this years operation will be handled entirely by volunteers. He went on to say that, “even though the operation is all volunteer, the people involved bring incredible experience and knowledge about the ski industry. And even though the ski experience will be a no frills operation, it will provide a great ski experience.”

This season, Big Tupper will not be selling pre-season passes, but will wait for enough snow to arrive before offering any ticket sales. Day passes will cost $25, and ARISE is working on discount pricing for books of 5 or 10 passes. ARISE Board Member Russ Cronin, Jr. said, “ because we do not have snowmaking, we thought the best financial approach for the skiing public is to wait until we have enough snow. We are hoping for a great skiing winter.”

LaValley said that, “our lifts have been inspected, trails will be mowed, and our application to the Adirondack Park Agency has been submitted. We were left with enough money to get ourselves to the point of opening. And, we will be holding a couple of fundraising events to help with some of the larger expenses, including insurance and grooming.”

After ARISE operated the ski area for three seasons, and forced to close last winter, the community is already showing its excitement as word has begun to spread about opening this season. LaValley said, “ARISE’s mission is to provide the community of Tupper Lake with an effort to improve the local economy. It became abundantly clear last year that Big Tupper Ski Area has a huge impact and we have to do everything we can to keep it operating while waiting for the Adirondack Club project to work through the Article 78 lawsuit.” LaValley added, “ARISE will be announcing some other economic initiatives within the next 60 days that will bring additional positive news to the community. We believe that the Article 78 lawsuit will be over in the very near future, and now is the time to begin planning for other business inquiries that have already begun to develop as a result of the Adirondack Club and Resort.”

This season Steve Stevenson will serve as Coordinator, while Don Dew, Jr. And Kate Bencze will share the responsibilities of being Administrative and Volunteer Managers. Cliff Lamere will continue as Lift Operations Manager, and Bill Mozdzier will continue as Trails Manager.

source: SkiBigTupper.org

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Tupper Lake has a great groomed and track set trail system that is free to the public for Cross Country skiing, snowshoeing, and under some conditions, walking, in the area between the Tupper Lake Country Club and Big Tupper Ski Area.

The trail system includes 3.2 miles of beginner terrain (Golf Course and Cranberry Pond Loops), as well as 2.1 miles of more challenging trails (Little Logger, Big Tupper Trail)

To access the trails, you can either park at the Country Club or Big Tupper Ski Area . Trail maps will be posted along the route, and with any luck, we’ll have them available to pick up at the trail heads.

Click here to view the trail maps

Trail Descriptions:

Golf Course Loop: The trail from the Country Club loops the cart paths on holes 4 through 9. This is a nice gentle ski with wide open spaces along the edges of the fairways, and only a few short hills. The total change in elevation is +75′ (but since it’s a loop it’s downhill half way!)

Cranberry Pond Loop: This trail breaks off of the Golf Course loop near the 7th Tee Box. From there, it follows the old logging road around Cranberry Pond. The trail between the golf course and junction “3″ is very flat, and offers awesome views of Cranberry Pond and Big Tupper (see top photo). From “3″ the trail makes a short but worthwile loop with an overall 50′ of vertical rise.

Little Logger Loop: This trail takes you from the backside of Cranberry Pond, to the “Big Corner” and back. This is an intermediate trail with about 100′ of total elevation gain. While the trail is more challenging, it goes through a quick study of Adirondack forests: From pond edge, to hardwood forest to spruce swamp and back – all in 1 1/2 miles.

Big Tupper Trail: This trail takes you from the “Big Corner” to the parking area at Big Tupper Ski Area. This .6 mile stretch has it’s challenging moments, but they are short lived. The net elevation change is less than 20′ from the sign post at “9″ to the parking lot (“11″).

Recommended Skis on this Trail Sytem:

The whole course – one section at a time. Build up to the full ski by starting from the Golf Course and adding segments weekly until you feel comfortable skiing the whole loop in one outing.

Big Tupper Down: Leave your car at the Country Club and hitch a ride to Big Tupper. Ski back to your car!

Golf Course and Cranberry Pond Loops at Night: Pick a calm winter night and grab your head lamp! With the wide open terrain and a nice groomed track you will find yourself watching deer, moonlit scenery and starry skys.

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