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by Sue Freeman

Cemeteries, as a rule, aren’t the first place hikers and bikers think of as destination for outdoors fun. But, Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, NY should be an exception. The topography was sculpted by glaciers long ago, leaving kettle holes and eskers. It’s the rolling topography that drew urban planners to the site back in 1838 when a cholera epidemic hit Rochester. At the time, this site was a mile and a half from Rochester. Today it’s squarely inside the city and is home to many famous and infamous past citizens, and a forest of large, old trees.

The cemetery is criss-crossed with narrow, winding paved roads that see little car traffic, but make great biking or skiing trails. Walkers and snowshoers  can wander the grounds at will, exploring the glacial landscape to hunt for special grave markers. Two guidebooks will help. One is “Buried Treasures in Mount Hope Cemetery” which resurrects the stories of some 500 individuals buried here. The other is “Take Your Bike – Family Rides in the Rochester Area” which shows how to find the cemetery, where to park, and provides a map of the narrow roads. This cemetery is fun to explore any season of the year.

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