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Why is it that people from “away” appreciate what we have more than we locals do? It doesn’t matter where the “away” is – it always seems things outside our normal sphere are more exotic or interesting. Those of us who live (or have lived) among cobblestone buildings take them for granted. They’re all around us – part of the landscape. But to visitors, they’re viewed as the unique entities that they are.

We do the same thing when we travel. Things that are mundane to the locals are exciting to us. I remember seeing my first pelican on a vacation to Florida – what an exotic looking bird! To Floridians they’re commonplace. I guess that’s human nature.

Anyway, here’s a great post (with photos) by a Canadian who visited the Cobblestone Museum in Childs. Anyone interested in cobblestone buildings should pick up a copy of “Cobblestone Quest – Road Tours of New York’s Historic Buildings” at http://www.footprintpress.com. It describes the history and methodology of building cobblestone buildings and offers 14 driving tours throughout western NY State so you can see the variety in person. You can tour inside museums, stay in B&Bs and eat in cobblestone restaurants. It makes a wonderful vacation. This pre-Civil War technique was used to build houses, churches, factories, smokehouses, grave markers, schools, stagecoach taverns, barns,etc. Touring cobblestone buildings makes a great “staycation.”


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