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GoBites -healthy energy for your adventures.

GoBites -healthy energy for your adventures.

Packing for an outdoor adventure can be a challenge. Buying comfortable shoes, durable clothes and the right gear is necessary, but what about food to help get you through the day? The best foods are lightweight, nonperishable, packed with nutrients and easy to prepare.

GoBites, a portion-controlled, all-natural snack delivery service (most products under 200 calories) offers more than 25 varieties, sent directly to one’s home is the perfect addition to a backpack.  Packed with nutrients and proteins, GoBites packs of nuts and fruits can be delivered on weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis  (in packages of 14; subscriptions start at $27.86). The grab-and-go packages can be customized by dietary needs (Diabetic, Gluten Free, Paleo, Heart Healthy, etc.) and includes a variety of exotic ingredients (organic cavendish bananas, Sri Lankan jack fruit, white figs, mulberries, monukka raisins, Balinese cacao nibs, rambutan and more).

Using only Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, GoBites is the perfect snack pack for the adventure enthusiast.

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Munchies and trail mix

Munchies and trail mix

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The only homemade trail mix recipe you’ll ever need

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Create A Gorp

gorpGORP (aka Trail Mix) is an acronym for “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts.” The most common modern variety adds in a sprinkle of M&M’s. But who knew there could be so many GORP recipes that there would actually be a blog about it?

There is! Take a gander at CreateAGorp.

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1. Energy bars: Bushtukah manager Cameron Wheler favours the “shot in the arm” he gets from Clif bars (especially lemon poppyseed), having wolfed down a couple as he wearily approached the freezing summit of Mount Washington last month.

2. Energy drinks: Gatorade may be tried-and-true but Wheler prefers eload for quenching thirst, balancing electrolytes and preventing cramps.

3. Energy gels: Such as Clif Shot, Carb-BOOM or GU Energy Gel. A favourite of marathon runners, these doses of highly concentrated complex carbohydrates can be squeezed directly into your mouth but Colleen Mooney, manager of Mountain Equipment Co-op, warns that some people aren’t fond of the goopy texture.

4. Jolly Ranchers: It’s low-tech and nutritionally empty but this square of hard candy releases the flavour of watermelon or tart green apple inside your cheek and temporarily distracts you as you pick your way up Gros Morne mountain’s seemingly endless scree.

5. Gorp: It may be old-fashioned but you get protein, carbohydrates and a funny name with this mix of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and–that key of all gorp ingredients–chocolate (smarties or chocolate chips are best).

Mary Gordon, The Ottawa Citizen
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