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Victor Hiking Trails opened a new loop trail and lists upcoming hikes for 2010, as well as updates on Dryer Road Park, Fishers Park, Victory Municipal Park, and Lehigh Crossing Park in their newsletter; click here.

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Victor Hiking Trails recently added about two miles of new hiking trails to their system of trails. The newest trails connect to the Lehigh Trail near Lehigh Crossing Park.

The first Trail begins on Omnitech Drive about 1/4 mile west of Route 96, near the new Best Western Hotel. It is built on the old Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway track and terminates on the Lehigh Trail at the northwest corner of Lehigh Crossing Park.

The second trail is actually two separate trails or a loop trail. It begins at the edge of the woods in back of Fishers Landing Plaza on Route 96. Park in back of Monroe Muffler and look for the trail marker. You can follow the yellow trail to a creek and then follow the creek to the Lehigh Trail and Lehigh Crossing Park. Or you can follow the red trail directly to the same point on the Lehigh Trail.

There is also a new trail in Lehigh Crossing Park that goes from that same point on the Lehigh Trail to the ponds. Follow the yellow markers.

Another new trail is located within Victor Municipal Park, located between East Street and Brace Road. Based on the Master plan for the park, this new trail runs north and south and connects the southern 10’ path with the old Trolley Trail. It cuts through dogwood bushes and hard woods. Another section connects the new, deepened pond with the Trolley Trail and runs along the edge of the wetland.

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