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The Hudson River Valley Greenway announced the availability of an interactive Water Trail map on the newly updated and re-designed Hudson River Greenway Water Trail website. The redesigned website features a map of the water trail using Google Map, as well as information pages for water trail users and current and potential site owners, a page on currently designated sites, location and use of kayak storage racks, water trail grants, and a chronicle of this year’s Great Champlain-Hudson Paddle.

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Click here top open the pdf of the National Trails System Map –  Increase the magnification of the map by clicking on the “plus” button to the left of the percentage until you locate the region you wish to examine, and then zoom to 100-300% for a more detailed view.

Thanks to Jackson Thomas for sharing this.

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What’s your pleasure ….hiking, biking, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mushing (dog sledding), birding, horseback-riding, hunting, fishing, or ATV riding? You can do it all at Winona State Forest

Don’t miss the upcoming Winona Forest Winterfest & Try-It Ski Race! Explore the snow-covered forest with a cross-country ski race, a dog sled ride and a snowshoe walk. Try the thrilling excitement of skijoring and enjoy demonstrations by a chainsaw wood-carving artist and a snow sculptor. There will also be food, raffles, a silent auction and a groomer display. On Saturday, January 16, the festival begins at 9 a.m. and the Try-It Cross-Country Ski Race starts at 10:30 a.m. Admission is free for the festival and $40 to compete in the race. Parking is available on the north side of Center Road at the Wart Road and Bargy Road intersections. For event details, visit the WFRA Web site.

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Adirondack Lakes Map

Click here for a map of the lakes in the Adirondacks, plus other Adirondack maps.

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The 2009 Greater Rochester Bicycling Map, an invaluable resource produced by the Genesee Transportation Council using input from volunteer members of the Rochester Bicycling Club, is now available free in Rochester area bike shops. Go to www.rochesterbicyclingclub.com or call (585) 232-6240.

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The Central New York Orienteering group’s web site offers detailed area maps for sale.

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Thanks to Don McClimans via Finger Lakes Trail email list for this information:

There is now a FREE NY state topo map that you can download to your Garmin GPS. It’s called “Trip & Waypoint Manager” and comes free on a CD with every Garmin handheld GPS. The direct link to the latest map is http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/111/. (Caution: filedepot calls this software MapSource, but there’s also a MapSource Topo that costs $80.)

This is a 24,000:1 equivalent map, with 10 and 20 ft contour intervals, showing topography, roads, water (lakes, rivers, streams), and railroads. Don has been using it this spring on the Letchworth branch of the FLT, and he likes it. He doesn’t own Garmin’s Topo 2008, but comparing to the preview you can see on the Garmin web site, this new map has considerably more detail (which you would expect since Topo 2008 is 100,000:1).

You can load this map into Garmin MapSource, and then download the map to your GPS unit. The gpsfiledepot.com site has detailed instructions for how to do this if you need help.

Gpsfiledepot.com is a nice site to know about if you have a Garmin GPS. There are 24K maps for many states, as well as road maps, maps for multi-state regions, etc. They are done by various volunteers, so the quality probably varies, but Don has looked at the topo maps for NY and the 4-corners area (UT, AZ, NY, and CO), and the quality appears to be excellent. Map availability is growing rapidly — the NY map has only been available since early February. The web site also has tutorials on how to switch map sets that are loaded into your Garmin handheld unit (yes, you can have more than one set of maps on your handheld!)

This is a topo map. It shows roads, but it is not “routable”. That means it will not give you turn-by-turn directions to get from one place to another. You can certainly use this map for car navigation — the roads are all there. You just won’t get the turn-by-turn prompts (which you would get with a map like Garmin’s City Navigator).

Trip and Waypoint Manager can be used to send Finger Lakes Trail tracks that FLTC sells on CD, to your GPS.

Use the Trip and Waypoint Manager from gpsfiledepot NY map and overlay the FLT tracks and waypoints on it. These show on both the PC screen and the GPS unit. Don believes MapSource Topo 2008 is just MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager plus the topo map (the “data”).

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