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The Syracuse Parks Conservancy opened the area’s first Urban Environment Trail at Sunnycrest Park Friday. The trail took eight years to complete.

The trail begins at Henninger High School, passes through Sunnycrest Parks’ McDermott Butterfly Garden and ends at the Louis Mariani Peace Garden.

The trail’s creators are hoping that the trail will not only serve as a place for exercise, but also as an area where students and citizens can learn about the environment around them.

SUNY ESF plans to highlight various parts of the trail, including different trees and wildlife.

“None of this can be successful without a relationship between the school and the city, so it has to be taught in the classroom first. Once it leaves the classroom we actually have to, you know, use the trail,” said Baye Muhammed, Commissioner of Parks and Recreation.

The trail can also be used for cross-country skiing, making it a four seasons trail.


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