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Click here for a comedic look at Rick French, the fearless Leader of Pack Paddle & Ski as he and a few friends explore Conklin Gully and Parish Hill in Naples NY. As the video shows, Rick is an intrepid leader who leads groups on adventures all over the world. Check out his trips at www.packpaddleski.com.

200 Waterfalls in Central & Western NY available at www.footprintpress.com

200 Waterfalls in Central & Western NY available at http://www.footprintpress.com

To explore Conklin Gully, Parish Hill and many more areas on your own, pick of copies of Footprint Press guidebooks such as 200 Waterfalls in Central & Western New York and Take A Hike – Family Walks in New York’s Finger Lakes Region.

Take A Hike - Finger Lakes available at www.footprintpress.com

Take A Hike – Finger Lakes available at

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Pack, Paddle, Ski wants to make 2014 a year of happiness.  In order to do that they’ve filled up next year’s schedule with trips from their staff’s bucket lists. Click here to view a selection of awesome world-wide adventures. If you find a trip that is on your bucket list, sign up before the end of 2013 and they will give you $50 off the trip. Just mention the code word HAPPINESS. So, go on, pull out your bucket list and see what you can cross off this year!

But you don’t have to wait until 2014 to let your happiness begin. Join them this year for one of their happiness retreats, spend a some time in the outdoors and find out where real happiness comes from.  Find out more at

I have been on Pack,Paddle, Ski trips to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and hike to visit tribes in Africa, paddling in Glacier Bay Alaska, and many others. They get you off the beaten path to experience real cultural adventures. They make a difference in the world. Take a trip with them in 2014 and change your life.

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Pack, Paddle, Ski Corp. is an amazing organization. They not only intrioduce people to the outdoors through local adventures in New York State, and take people to far flug locales across the globe for outdoor adventures that stay far away from tourists routes and allow you to experience local cultures up close, but they have a heart.

Over the years they have created Journeys of Inspiration to create a community of people to support cancer victims. They created Journeys of Solutions where people raise funds for scholarships and projects in needy places. And Volunteer Adventures where people travel to build houses, and help in orphanages and schools across the globe. Not just a travel adventure company, Pack Paddle Ski is a people helping organization with a world focus. Awe inspiring.

One of their latest projects has to do with providing water for school kids in drought stricken Africa. In the words of Bob Kuehl. President, Journeys of Solutions:  “As many of you may know, there has been an extended drought in East Africa. Tanzania has not been immune. We recently received an appeal from Bayo, the headmaster of the Tumaini Primary School in Kartu. We have been supporting the school, and sponsoring scholarships for children from the Shalom Orphanage to attend Tumaini. The school is in need of more water. They have drilled an exploratory bore hole and have reached good water, but at a great depth. Now they need the funding to construct a well. Journeys of Solutions has committed to help. If you would like to help with a donation, please visit http://www.journeysofsolutions.org and designate the donation as Tumaini Water Fund. Also, we will be holding a JOS fund raiser on November 5th at the New York Wine and Culinary Center in Canandaigua. More details will be available soon so hold the date.”

If you can, donate to this worthy cause. Or, get involved with any of the many outreach projects sponsored by Pack, Paddle, Ski. It’s a small world and your rewards for participating in the greater good will be many.

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If you want a REAL adventure vacation – check out the trips offered by Rick French through Pack, Paddle Ski, Corp. I’ve traveled the world with Rick and had an awesome adventure each time.
As an example, click here for a YouTube video of Rick’s recent trip paddling & hiking Big Bend.
Now that’s outdoor adventure!

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You can sign up with a lot of different travel agencies for trips to far flung places on Earth. But what you often get is  an Americanized, sanitized experience. I can tell you from personal experience, that if you want to travel to exotic locations and really experience the local culture, you have to travel with Lima, NY based Pack,Paddle, Ski, Corp.

Here’s proof: watch this video of their latest adventure in the Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan

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How did you spend the first day of spring? Here’s how Rich French of Pack, Paddle, Ski and his friends spent it:  Climbing Mt Marcy on the first day of spring

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Have you ever met Rick French? He’s the owner of Pack, Paddle Ski, Inc. the best adventure travel company there is. Rick is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet. He runs fabulous trips – the kind that get you off the tourist track to experience the “real” place you are visiting. He has a heart of gold and has been the inspiration behind programs to outfit porters on Mt. Kilimanjaro with better clothes, arrange volunteer vacations at an African orphanage, and build a school for children in the remote Tanzanian mountains. I love going on trips with him – each is an adventure in the best sense of the word.

Rick is also certifiably mad. To prove my point, click here to watch this short VIDEO. Rick and Bob (the old men) kayak down McMillan Creek (a stream that rarely flows) in Conesus, NY during spring floods. Marc filmed the adventure and acted as their safety man. Typical Rick – wild adventure but making sure everyone stays safe!

If you haven’t met Rick, sign up for a Pack, Paddle, Ski trip today and find out what you’ve missed all these years.

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