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Our good friend and fellow author, Emerson Klees has released the third edition of “Wineries of the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State.” Read all about it in the Wellsville Daily Reporter article posted below. How about combining hiking in the Finger Lakes region with a stop at a few wineries? Sounds like a fun staycation to me. Pair Emerson’s winery guide with our “Take A Hike – Family Walks in New York’s Finger Lakes Region” and you’ve got yourself some great inexpensive adventures – unless you buy a lot of wine, of course.

Updated Guide to Finger Lakes Wineries Released

Author Emerson Klees has updated his book “Wineries of the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State.”

Once wasn’t enough. Here was Emerson Klees, an Eastman Kodak Co. retiree since 1991, with time on his hands. His two great loves: wine and driving around the Finger Lakes. His new vocation: compiling information for regional tour books.

First, in 2000, came the original “Wineries of the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State,” providing an overview of 65 or so wineries with some winemaking history and background on grape varieties thrown in, plus a glossary describing all the grape and wine terms one could imagine.

Klees re-released the book in 2003, adding six wineries he had explored in the interim. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the third edition was released, with 30 additional wineries. The guide is illustrated with black-and-white photographs.

The work was fun to research and re-research, Klees said. But he focused on nuts-and-bolts facts, not on atmospherics or natural descriptions. Don’t expect the 223-page softcover book to flow with enticing passages, like “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Instead, it’s a just-the-facts reference guide aimed at being useful rather than entertaining.

Klees is nothing if not methodical. Take, for example, his pile of reference books.
“In the early ’60s, I started gathering reference material about the region with no real thought of writing a book,” he said. In 1993, he released “Persons, Places, and Things in the Finger Lakes Region.” Since then, he has written several books about different aspects of the area, ranging from the women’s rights movement to the Iroquois.

Next up: fiction. Klees plans on writing a story about three generations of a winemaking family from Hammondsport.

“Wineries of the Finger Lakes Region: The Heart of New York State” is available online and at many local bookstores and gift shops.

By Alex Bauer, Wed Jul 02, 2008, 12:06 PM EDT,Wellsville Daily Reporter
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Are you one of lucky few who owns a cottage in the Thousands Islands? Or, maybe you’ve rented one for a week of summer fun? I was among the fortunate few as a small child. My grandparents owned a rustic cottage in Cape Vincent. I have fond memories of yanking sunfish and perch into grandpa’s boat and of exploring all the new sights and sounds along the shore. I loved watching the big ships ply the St. Lawrence Seaway. My mom had a totally different experience. To her, it was a week in the middle of nowhere, having to cook for a crowd, and clean fish. A week (or a summer) can be a long time if you’re not enjoying it.

There is other recreation available. Roger Fulton and Michael Carpenter wrote a series of guidebooks that detail where to hike, bicycle, paddle and view wildlife in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region. For a guaranteed good time, check them out:
25 Short Hikes & Interesting Walks in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region in New York State
25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region in New York State
25 Flatwater canoe/Kayak Trips in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region in New York State
25 Great Wildlife Viewing Sites in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region in New York State

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Why is it that people from “away” appreciate what we have more than we locals do? It doesn’t matter where the “away” is – it always seems things outside our normal sphere are more exotic or interesting. Those of us who live (or have lived) among cobblestone buildings take them for granted. They’re all around us – part of the landscape. But to visitors, they’re viewed as the unique entities that they are.

We do the same thing when we travel. Things that are mundane to the locals are exciting to us. I remember seeing my first pelican on a vacation to Florida – what an exotic looking bird! To Floridians they’re commonplace. I guess that’s human nature.

Anyway, here’s a great post (with photos) by a Canadian who visited the Cobblestone Museum in Childs. Anyone interested in cobblestone buildings should pick up a copy of “Cobblestone Quest – Road Tours of New York’s Historic Buildings” at http://www.footprintpress.com. It describes the history and methodology of building cobblestone buildings and offers 14 driving tours throughout western NY State so you can see the variety in person. You can tour inside museums, stay in B&Bs and eat in cobblestone restaurants. It makes a wonderful vacation. This pre-Civil War technique was used to build houses, churches, factories, smokehouses, grave markers, schools, stagecoach taverns, barns,etc. Touring cobblestone buildings makes a great “staycation.”

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