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by Daniel Chazin of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

Storm King State Park: This 2.5-mile loop hike offers panoramic views over the Hudson River. It begins at a parking area on Route 9W, 8.1 miles north of the Bear Mountain Bridge. Follow the orange-blazed Butter Hill Trail, which begins just north of the parking area and climbs steeply. Soon, views over the Hudson River appear to the right. The trail passes stone pillars, descends slightly, then continues to climb. At the top of a steep climb, open rock ledges afford a wide panorama.

After a short level stretch, the Butter Hill Trail ends at a junction with the yellow-blazed Stillman Trail. Turn right and follow the Stillman Trail up to the summit of Butter Hill, which offers a 360-degree view. Continue along the Stillman Trail, which climbs some more, then levels off, with more spectacular views over the Hudson River.

When you reach a junction with the white-blazed By-Pass Trail, bear right and follow the By-Pass Trail, which descends along the side of the mountain. When the By-Pass Trail ends, continue ahead on the blue-blazed Howell Trail, but in 500 feet, when the blue-blazed trail turns off to the left, continue ahead on the road to the parking area on Route 9W, where the hike began.

For a more detailed description of the hike, log on to nynjtc.org/hike/butter-hillstillmanbypass-trail-loop-route-9w

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