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I have a new favorite fabric for being more comfortable while skiing! And that is Smartwool! I expect any merino wool fabric will perform the same, but Smartwool has a nice product line. I have occasionally worn their socks, and have long worn their glove liners, but now have moved onto a Smartwool base layer shirt and gloves and socks full time.
The wool is claimed to be non-itchy and probably is. It is so close to non-itchy that what I find may be imagination. What it excels at is comfort when damp (much less clammy than the Sporthill synthetics I also use) and warmth. I have also tried the Smartwool long underwear and found it to be extremely comfortable, just the thing for 5 or 10 degrees F.
Wool can be expensive, but it is reported to wear like iron. Bargain purchases can be had at www.sierratradingpost.com . If you give them your email, they often send coupons for free shipping and up to 35% off anything.

by Gary Reif (I think) via the Rochester Nordic Ski newsletter :Feb 2013 newsletter vol 39 issue 4c

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