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The Town of Wilson Walkway and Bicycle Trail, is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving, Supervisor Joe Jastrzemski said Wednesday.

Niagara County Legislator David Godfrey presented the check from the Niagara County Greenway Commission at the Town Board meeting. The money came from the New York Power Authority. “It really enhances our harbor and business district,” the supervisor said. “It’s a beautiful addition to the town.”

The project cost $134,000 with $90,350 coming from the grant and $43,650 from the town.

The path extends from Park Avenue, through Shore Drive to the harbor. It ties the harbor and transient boaters to local business. Jastrzemski hopes that trail will be extended to the Tuscarora State Park in the future.”We’re grateful to the Greenway Commission,” said Jastrzemski to worked with Godfrey on the grant process. “The path almost complete,” he said. “We’re working on lighting and signing.”

source: Niagara Gazette, link to original post

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This class has been in such high demand we added an extra pool class before the season gets underway.
Join in the world’s fastest growing sport. Are you nervous or just plain scared about tipping over?

Take A Paddle - Western NY at footprintpress.com

Take A Paddle – Western NY at footprintpress.com

Let us put your fears to rest in the warmth and safety of a pool with many instructors all around you. Learn that kayaks are much more stable than canoes. All equipment is provided. All you need to bring is a swimsuit, towel, a lock for your locker and a positive mental attitude. All instructors are New York State Licensed Guides. This is a one night/evening class running from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Williamsville South High School Pool 5950 Main Street Williamsville, NY 14221 (located on the North side of Main St between Youngs & Evans Roads)

Cost is $73.00. Please call Paths Peaks & Paddles at 716-213-0350 if you have any questions.

Paths Peaks and Paddles is teaming up with the Williamsville Community Education to present this session. You do not have to be a resident of the Williamsville to sign up. You can sign up on line at: Williamsville Community Education (direct link) or by phone at 716-626-8080.

Once you learn the basics, go explore the wonders of Western NY, using the guidebook “Take A Paddle – Western New York Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks,” available here as a pdf file e-book.

Paths Peaks & Paddles, Inc.
1000 Ellicott Creek Road
Tonawanda, New York 14150
Phone: 716-213-0350
Website: www.pathspeakspaddles.com
E-Mail: pppinfo@pathspeakspaddles.com

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By DUSTEN RADER, The Post-Journal, link to original post

The International Mountain Biking Association is set to spend four days in Chautauqua County.

The goal of the IMBA visit is to help area residents, members of the Northern Allegheny Mountain Bike Association and the Western New York Mountain Bike Association improve the quality and sustainability of the trail systems throughout the county.

IMBA’s 17th trail care crew, Jesse Livingston and Lori Reed of Springfield, Mo., will host presentations at Jamestown Community College on Friday and Saturday.

According to Thomas Wright, a NAMBA member who has been building and maintaining trails in the county for nearly 10 years, IMBA will help him rethink some of the existing trails, such as the Earl Cardot Eastside Overland Trail, which was designed in the early 1970s and currently has some unsustainable fall line areas, he said.

“The trail just continues to erode year after year,” Wright said. “So, IMBA will come in to reflag a reroute, show community volunteers how to properly close down a trail corridor and open a new one.”

Friday’s presentation, which is set for 3:30-5 p.m. at the Carnahan Theater, will focus on Better Living Through Trails. The information provided aims to help the community successfully market and manage trail systems, attract regional visitors as well as increase business opportunities.

“If anyone is interested in learning how trails could economically benefit the area, the Better Living Through Trails presentation is what I would urge them to come down to,” Wright said.

Saturday’s presentation, which is set for 9 a.m. to noon at the Carnahan Theater, will include a workshop on sustainable trail creation and management. The presentation is geared toward providing area residents and members of the Friends of Chautauqua County Greenways, www.friendsofchautauquagreenways.org, with the skills to address a fall line section of the Earl Cardot Eastside Overland Trail and to turn it into a sustainable rolling contour trail.

“Following the presentation, from 1-4 p.m., we’ll go out to put what was taught, into practice,” Wright said. “If people are willing to put in some volunteer hours or get their hands dirty in the future, this is the presentation where they can learn to be the most effective in maintaining the trails.”

After the IMBA representatives leave, Wright hopes that by next spring area residents can be organized and ready to start getting the trails tweaked for the summer months, he said.

“Hopefully we have a more energized volunteer base that’s going to be able to work in conjunction with the Parks Department to get the trails open,” Wright said. “There are also talks of Overland loops, and a continuing to work on a section of mountain bike trails called Harris Hill Extension that we have put in about 12 miles in the past six years.”

For more information email Wright at twrighthere@gmail.com.

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Rails to Trails Project in North Buffalo Moves Forward

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Peak Experiences #5 October 6, 2013

Peak Experiences ebook at www.footprintpress.com

Peak Experiences ebook at http://www.footprintpress.com

The Paths Peaks & Paddles fifth adventure which is scheduled for Sunday October 6, 2013 is going to take us to Genesee County where we will explore Molasses Hill.  Molasses Hill is right at the edge of the Appalachian plateau and the Great Lakes Basin.  It is boasted that on a good day you can see the skyline of Rochester. We will also take on the Wyoming County High point that day.

The posted distanced for the hike is 4 miles round trip with 20 feet of elevation.  Total hiking time is posted at approximately 4 hours.

We will departure from Paths Peaks & Paddles at 7:30 am sharp.  We will serve hot drinks and lunch at the Centerville State Forest.  Cost is $15.00pp.  Dress appropriately for the weather and terrain.  This is an exploration adventure for everyone.  Come out and view one of the 62 summits in New York State.  Contact us at 716-213-0350 if you have any questions regarding this adventure.  Feel free to contact christine@pathspeakspaddles.com with any questions. To register online click “The Candy Store for Outdoor People” (direct link)

Peak Experiences #6 November 3, 2013
The adventure is scheduled for Sunday November 3.  Our adventure location will be announced as we near November and we can plan around the weather.

These hikes are based on the guidebook “Peak Experiences” which leads you to the highest point in every county of NY State. Click here to purchase a copy – pdf file e-book only.

Paths Peaks & Paddles, Inc.
1000 Ellicott Creek Road
Tonawanda, New York 14150
Phone: 716-213-0350
Website: www.pathspeakspaddles.com
E-Mail: pppinfo@pathspeakspaddles.com

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Saturday, November 2, 6:30 p.m. — Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, NY
Learn about owls. Then explore the refuge looking for them.
Pre-register: 585-948-5445 ext. 2205 or megan_davis@fws.gov.

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The Villager, link to original post

Ellicottville and Cattaraugus County offer some outstanding hiking options that appeal to hikers of all ages and abilities.  Whether you want to hike for an hour or pack up, leave civilization behind and jump on some major trails that go on for hundreds of miles, Ellicottville is an exceptional place to start your journey.

The Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) is over 558 miles long, starting at the Pennsylvania-New York border in Allegany State Park and carrying on to the Long Path in the Catskill Forest Preserve. This impressive trail also has six branch trails and 29 loop and spur trails that extend from the main FLT. These trails offer another 400 miles of hiking bringing the total length of the Finger Lake Trail System to over 958 miles of hiking….pretty amazing and the trail goes right through Ellicottville!  Visit the Finger Lake Trail Conference website here for an interactive map and more information about the FLT.

Little Rock City is a natural outcrop of conglomerate rock on an unglaciated plateau that the whole family will marvel over.

Little Rock City is a natural outcrop of conglomerate rock on an unglaciated plateau that the whole family will marvel over.

If you are looking for a more casual hike with some incredible scenery, Little Rock City is a natural outcrop of conglomerate rock on an unglaciated plateau that the whole family will marvel over. There is one trail that goes through the rock formations of Little Rock City and it can be accessed from the end of the turn around loop on Little Rock City Forest Road.  This trial is only open to hikers…no bikes, horses or motorized vehicles.

Whether you are looking for some relatively easy, interesting hikes that appeal to hikers of all ages and abilities or more advanced technical trails Ellicottville and the surrounding areas can provide the experience that is perfect for you.

Other great local trails include: Pat McGee Trail – This multi-purpose trail will grow to be a county-wide system but at this time it connects the Village of Cattaraugus to the City of Salamanca. You can hike, bike, snowmobile or ride horse on the Pat McGee Trail.
Allegheny River Valley Trail – Hundreds of people use this trail that surrounds the City of Olean and the Village of Allegany every day!
The Conservation Trail/Finger Lakes Trail – White Blazes – This hiking trail begins in Allegany State Park and runs to Fancy Tract, near Machias. This trail has strenuous climbs and elevations range from 1,300 to 2,300 feet.

Conservation Trail – Orange Blazes – This hiking trail runs north from the Conservation/Finger Lakes Trail junction to Cattaraugus Creek. This trail is moderately difficult with elevation ranging from 1,230 to 1,920 feet.
Finger Lakes Trail – White Blazes – This hiking trail continues east from the Conservation/Finger Lakes Trail junction to the County border. This trail is moderately difficult with a peak elevation of 2,078 feet. Information: Conservation Trail – This trail is unique in that for 55 miles from the Pennsylvania border to near Fancy Tract, it is used as the main Finger Lakes Trial. It moves north another 80 miles to Akron Falls Park

Finger Lakes Trail System – this system consists of the Finger Lakes Trail beginning at the Pennsylvania border and runs 500 miles east to the Long Path in the Catskills. This trail is marked with white blazes on trees and posts, and identifier discs. This system also has 200 miles of branch trails. These are marked in the same manner except the color is orange. Side trails are marked in blue. Double blazes are used to mark turns or conditions of the trail.

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