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Kayak Thousand Islands

Kayak Thousand Islands

The publisher of the Common Man outdoor trail & paddle guides for NY, FL and VT has had a major webpage meltdown. As a temporary sole source, the webpage at www.RogerFulton.com has become the backup and the only current online source for most of the Common Man trail guides. The only glitch is that this web page can’t take credit cards, but can accept cash, checks or money orders by mail.

Ski - Lake George

Ski – Lake George

Common Man Books are a great source of trail information for Lake George, Saratoga Springs, the 1,000 Islands,and Adirondacks fire towers. Many of the links in this blog to Common Man books will be dead. Click here instead.

Bike Saratoga NY

Bike Saratoga NY

Paddle Lake George NY

Paddle Lake George NY

Roger Fulton
Phone; 386-956-6089
email: Roger@RogerFulton.com
Webpage: http://www.RogerFulton.com.

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by Claire Woodcock, North Country Public Radio, link to original post

The St. Lawrence County Recreational Trails Advisory Board has been working for some time to create a sustainable community-linking system throughout the county. Last week, community members had their first look at maps of the trail route.

Last Thursday evening, more than 100 people gathered in the Colton-Pierrepont Central School auditorium to learn more about the St. Lawrence County Multi-Use trail system and what it will mean for the community. The more-than-200-mile system is called “Blazing Trails,” and will extend from Franklin to Lewis Counties. The trail will be multi-season and multi-use, and open to snowmobilers, ATV users, mountain bikers, horseback riders, hikers, cyclers, cross country skiiers, dog sled users, and snowshoers. The committee hopes to extend the trails further with smaller trails diverging from the main tracks.

County Trail Coordinator Deb Christy says the multi-use trail system will promote tourism in the North Country, benefitting local businesses that have struggled to remain open.

Christy said that the system will showcase the County’s beautiful natural setting. “We want all our area people to get out and enjoy our great outdoors. I mean we have beautiful assets in the North Country, and we feel everyone should get out and be able to use them in whatever manner they choose to use them.”

Christy and others said the formation of the trail system is expected to help new and established local businesses expand and succeed in the community, and to attract travelers from outside the area. “We worry about the economy in the North Country,” Christy said, “and we want to be able to bring more dollars into our small businesses to keep them going year round. We hate seeing businesses close right and left and we want them to be able to stay and have sustainable income all year, not just part of the year.”

Many ATV users attended the meeting, and most seemed in favor of the trail system as a whole. However, there was some dispute over how the motorized vehicle users and hiking and skiing enthusiasts would share the land and continue to enjoy their differing recreational activities. At the meeting, several community members expressed their unease about noise and fumes from the ATVs on the new trail, which prompted some ATV owners to grumble and walk out of the meeting.

By the end of the summer, the first part of the trail is expected to open to the public in Colton, Pierrepont, Parishville, and Hopkinton, connecting St. Lawrence and other neighboring counties.

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Watch the video included in this article to see the beauty of the Thousand Islands.

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Ready to get out and go this winter? Here are 10 good reasons to visit the Great Lakes Seaway Trail National Scenic Byway along 518 miles of freshwater shoreline in New York and Pennsylvania.
·      Quiet season walking experiences
·      The snow!
·      Spectacular photo opps
·      Winter War of 1812 history
·      Ice fishing
·      Lighthouses lovely in winter
·      To be inspired to quilt the Beauty of the Byways
·      Only-here winter birdwatching
·      Winter Wine Weekends
·      Indoor-outdoor events, shopping and festivals

Find details on 50 festive, fun and fresh reasons to visit the Great Lakes Seaway Trail National Scenic Byway this winter, go to www.seawaytrail.com/winter.

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By Killeen Gonzalez, Yahoo sports, link to original post

25 Hikes in the Thousand Islands NY

If you love snowshoeing, you may want to consider visiting New York’s Thousand Islands Region. The area is home to architectural wonders, great winter festivals and miles of snowshoeing trails. With that said, here’s a brief look at a few of my favorite snowshoeing destinations:

Whetstone Gulf State Park
Lewis County’s Whetstone Gulf State Park features miles of snowshoeing trails, picnic areas, waterfalls, heated restrooms and opportunities for snowmobiling. The park also has a lookout tower. Snowshoe rentals are not available onsite. Hence, visitors should plan accordingly. Experienced snowshoers may want to consider exploring the 5.6 mile long Gorge Loop. It offers superlative views. The park’s vehicle entry fees and hours of operation vary. The Maple Ridge Snow Park is also located nearby. It’s a great place to go snow tubing with the family.

Wildlife in the Thousand Islands Region of NY State

Higley Flow State Park
St. Lawrence County’s Higley Flow State Park features more than 7 miles of snowshoeing trails, restrooms and picnic areas. Regrettably, there are no snowshoe rentals available onsite. Snowshoers may want to consider investigating the 2.57 mile long Warm Brook Trail and the 3.42 mile long Cedar Brook Trail. Park highlights include views of the Warm Brook Flow, the Higley Flow and the Raquette River. The park’s winter hours of operation and vehicle entry fees vary. Lodging and dining opportunities are located nearby in Potsdam.

Wellesley Island State Park

Jefferson County’s Wellesley Island State Park features more than 7 miles of snowshoeing trails, year round cabin rentals and an onsite nature center. Bird watchers should consider exploring the Eel Bay Trail. It often offers opportunities to catch a glimpse of bald eagles. Other routes to consider investigating are the Narrows Trail and the South Bay Trail. The park traditionally opens at dawn. Visitors should plan on bringing their own snowshoes and sundries.

Kayak – Thousand Islands Region of NY State

Robert G. Wehle State Park
Robert G. Wehle State Park is also located in Jefferson County. It features more than 10 miles of trails and picnic areas. Snowshoers may want to consider investigating the .64 mile long Bobo Link. It leads to the Henderson Shores State Unique Area. Other routes to consider exploring include the 1.87 mile long Dancing Gypsy Trail and the 4.90 mile long Snakefoot Trail. Both offer great scenery. While on the trails, snowshoers should make it a point to look for the remnants of military fortifications as well. Although the park tends to open daily, its hours of operation are variable. There are no snowshoe rentals available. Therefore, visitor should bring their own supplies.

Thousand Island area guidebooks:
25 Short Hikes and Interesting Walks in the Thousand Islands & St. Lawrence Seaway Region in NYS
25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region of New York State
25 Flatwater Kayak/Canoe Trips in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway region of New York State
25 Great Wildlife Viewing Sites in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region of New York State

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Cross Island Farms offers educational tours involving organic farming and sustainable living. Open year round, participants can see and interact with the animals of the farm such as: cows, pigs, goats, chickens, turkeys, and ducks. As well as getting to see the organic vegetable gardens, the windmill, and solar panels. Participants learn about the organic gardening methods used, rotational grazing, heritage breeds, natural brush control, renewable energy, and overall sustainable living.

Primitive Camping is on a 102-acre organic farm, with views of woods, ponds, and pastures, and is open year round. Guests can walk; ski, or snowshoe ¼ to ½ mile to sites. (The policy is strictly carry-in, carryout.) Surrounding the sites are trails throughout the farm for walking, skiing or snowshoeing.

Rates: Off-season
(Oct.15th thru May 15th) $20.00/day

Rates: In-season
(May 16th thru Oct 14th) $20.00/day weeknights,
$25.00/day weekends, Holidays and Holiday eves.

Cross Island Farms

44301 Cross Island Rd.
Wellesley Island, NY 13640
Phone (315) 482-3663   (482-FOOD)

Just over the Thousand Islands Bridge off I-81
· 15 minutes from Alexandria Bay and Clayton, NY
· 30 minutes from Watertown, NY

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Take a walk over the American span of the Thousand Islands Bridge connecting Collins Landing and Wellesley Island, NY. Visitors can walk completely across the mile-long

25 Hikes in the Thousand Islands NY

bridge via a walking path next to the southbound driving lane. The bridge offers a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River from more than 100 feet in the air! Free parking available at the Welcome Center Parking Lot at the base of the bridge. They just ask that you be careful and enjoy the view.

Click here for some photos from Scott Thomas.

Visit the Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands Bridge Authority

25 Short Hikes and Interesting Walks in the Thousand Islands & St. Lawrence Seaway Region in NYS

25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Thousand Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway Region of New York State

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