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Spend time with one of our unalienable rights…
Reflect and then decide how to include in your life what makes you happy
Community cooking of fresh, local foods
Sharing in the beauty of the natural world of canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking
Viewing of the movie “Happy”
Access resources and materials to implement changes you would like to make in your life
Beautiful location of scenic gorge, forest, lakes, streams, woods, deck to watch the sunset
Based on current research into Happiness
Join our ongoing program of the “Happiness Series”

What are the building blocks of Happiness? Not material happiness, but real happiness. Real Happiness comes from our intrinsic goals, inherently satisfying in themselves. Research has identified the most important as personal growth trying to be who I really am, close connected relationships, sense of being part of a larger community and wanting to make a difference in life. External goals, of which rewards, praise, getting stuff are the top three and play out as our attempts at status, money and image, have not been found to make us happier.

There are three determining factors to one’s happiness: 50% is genetic, 10% comes from our circumstances (job, age, income, where we live…) but a full 40% is intentional activity, actions within our control that we can decide upon. Do you make the most of that 40%? We will spend our time practicing and reflecting about our choices in this 40%. Happiness is based on our spiritual practices, our values, our relationships, how and with whom we spend our time…. We can make each day in our lives happier.


We will spend time in nature, enjoy music, beauty, stillness, sharing in meals, reflecting on our choices, opening to possibilities of what we can do to increase our happiness, watching stars, sitting by a fire, waiting for the sun to set and watching it rise. Using current research in Happiness, each of us will look at our own lives and what potential we can tap into to be happier. We will inventory and reflect on our own lives. Apart from just enjoying, the weekend will progress with each person having the opportunity to develop their own plan if they choose.  We highly suggest reading or listening to “The Happiness Project” and watching the movie “Happy” prior to the weekend. These materials will get you excited about the opportunities we have for the weekend and in our lives.

Come laugh and play with us, sit quietly as the sun goes down over Hemlock Lake, gather by a fire sharing a meal with a small group.  Of course a large part of what we are about is the beauty of nature so we will be spending time in canoes, sea kayaks and hiking the nearby areas.

So we invite you to join us in developing a network and plan to bring more happiness into your life.  Life is short, you deserve to be happy.  We will spend as much time as we can “in the flow” as researchers call it when we are living at those fulfilling happy moments, when we forget our problems.
This retreat can stand alone or be part of our larger “Happiness Series”

You can make choices about living a happier life.  Why not start today?  Limited to 6-8 participants.

Meets in Conesus, NY
Course dates June 14th 6 PM-June 16th, 3:00 PM
Cost: $ 349/person includes lodging, meals, activities

To Register – Call Now! Contact the PPS office at 585-346-5597!
Request an information packet for complete information on this adventure

Pack, Paddle, Ski, you can try any of the following methods:
By phone: (585) 346-5597
By fax: (585) 346-5597
By Email: info@packpaddleski.com
By mail: 6237 South Lima Rd, South Lima, NY 14487-978C

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(the following is excerpted from a blog post by Pat Rush. Clikc here to read her full bolg post http://www.dailygazette.com/weblogs/biking-across-america/2013/mar/01/fundraising-ride-ecos/)

Founded in Schenectady in 1972, ECOS (The Environmental Clearinghouse) is a non-profit membership organization. Its mission is to provide environmental information and educational programs that enhance appreciation of the natural world, and to advocate for the preservation of our natural resources.

When I moved to Schenectady I discovered the marvelous bike path system, and I also discovered the little pamphlet, “Along the Bike Hike Trail.” It was published by ECOS, written and illustrated by ECOS members, and designed to fit in a handlebar bag. I was smitten. I fell in love. I learned that two ECOS members had been highly instrumental in causing the path through Schenectady County to be built.

I’ve been involved with ECOS ever since. After I retired, I became its president for a couple of years, and in the years since then have watched it grow and prosper. ECOS presents or participates in over 50 environmental programs each year, including festivals, lecture series, guest speakers, nature walks, ski and snowshoe trips, and youth programs. These events are designed and presented by almost 100 ECOS volunteers working in partnership with other local environmental groups, and with schools and colleges.

ECOS has always had a core group of writers and artists to assist with its very active publication program, including the Natural Areas series, the bike trail books, the ski and snowshoe guide, a field guide to the Karner Blue butterfly, and a field guide to wildflowers. Many of these publications have gone into second editions.

ECOS also publishes a monthly newsletter and a regional environmental program calendar which lists events for more than 40 organizations in the Capital Region. Free publications on its website include the “Walking Green Schenectady” map and “Landscaping With Native Trees.”

Each year, ECOS holds a celebration to honor the efforts of Rachel Carson. A local environmental hero is also recognized with the Rachel Carson Award.

Pat Rush is biking across America to raise funds for ECOS. Click here to donate to her efforts. 

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Is Holiday Mistletoe Really The “Kiss of Death”?

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poinsettiasAre Our Christmas Poinsettias Really Flowers?

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Start the new year off on the right (or the left) foot with a First Day Hike at a state park or historic site. From a seal walk to nature and animal discovery hikes, work off those holiday cookies while exploring all that our state parks have to offer. Find a hike.

source: PTNY newsletter

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Have you seen the gorgeous nature films produced by the BBC? Take a look at this spectacular 2-minute video ad. Then go rent them from Netflix – they’re spectacular.

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The Big Task of Managing Nature at New York’s Central Park

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